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10 tips to declutter your home

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Whether you're a student of organized chaos who knows exactly where the keys are under a giant pile of washing, an A-type who just can't go past a pile of magazines without straightening them into a perfect stack (guilty!), or you hangout somewhere in the middle - this post is for everyone who owns stuff.

Owning things can be awesome and tiresome - amirite? We've all been there, staring at a chaotic mess of stuff that seems to multiply overnight like rabbits on steroids. But fear not! It's time to take charge and bid farewell to that clutter monster that's been wreaking havoc in your home. Get ready to discover the top 10 tips that will not only declutter your home but also tickle your funny bone along the way. Let's dive in!

10 tips to conquer your clutter

1. Set baby-sized goals

Determine the areas you want to declutter and set specific goals for each space. For example, if you're like me and you've been staring at the office turned laundromat turned new home for the vacuum cleaner turned dumping ground for random cords I'll never use - then it might be time to stop hovering in the hallway, wave the white flag and cross over into enemy lines. For me, starting with the random cords and setting a goal to get one of those snazzy cord hiders by the end of thank god it's Friday, was a great start. Baby goals will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the process.

2. Start Small

So you don't end up crying in a corner clutching your Kelly Clarkson CDs, I suggest you begin with a small area or a single category, like a drawer or a closet, before moving on to larger spaces. Starting small allows you to experience quick progress, builds momentum and reduces the need to collapse into a state of hopelessness.

3. The Marie Kondo method...or not

We've all heard of the legendary Marie Kondo and her tidying techniques, but let's face it—those perfectly folded shirts are just waiting to stage a rebellion. Let's find a middle ground and hook you up with some clothes organizers to either fold, or for most of us, shove our beloved dressings into.

4. The one-in, one-out rule

For every item you bring into your home, toss another out. This rule is especially effective with children.

5. The sock liberation ceremony

Socks have a tendency to disappear into the black hole of laundry. I swear my cat is stealing them and creating a sock fort somewhere in our backyard. Embrace your sock's rebellious nature and set them free! The remaining socks will think twice before going AWOL.

6. The re-gift

Gifts you don't want all up in your space? Become a master of re-gifting! Just be careful not to re-gift to the person who originally gave you the item (that poor scented candle has done the rounds more than once).

7. The time capsule technique

Feeling overwhelmed by a mountain of miscellaneous objects? Grab a box, toss everything in it, and label it "Time capsule - open in 20 Years." Suddenly, all your clutter becomes an intriguing collection of future nostalgia. Did I just hit a new level of genius?

8. The ultimate decluttering marathon strategy

Set a timer for 15 minutes and declutter like your in-laws have announced they're coming over in ten minutes. When the timer goes off, reward yourself with a Kitkat and a 30-minute break of Netflix and chill. Repeat until you've either decluttered to your satisfaction or finished bingeing 'The Ultimatum'.

9. Categorize and organize

Sort similar items together (think your Sega and Gameboy, your Gigapet and these days well never know the stress!) and designate specific storage spaces for each category. Label boxes or containers to make it easier to find and put old photo albums of yourself when you went through that Spice Girls phase.

10. The breakup party

Bid a final farewell to clutter by donating them to your local charity. Ummm is that a halo above your head I see?

Clutter versus you: how to stay one step ahead

Congrats! You've successfully outwitted your clutter and turned your space into a zen fortress...but for how long? Cue the evil laugh! Unfortunately, I don't have the wizardry to do a Gandalf and scream 'You shall not pass!' to the clutter monster spilling out of your drawers. Staying a step ahead of your junk jungle is going to take some maintenance. This means regularly assessing your belongings (goodbye size 10 jeans I've been laughing at every time I hold them up), establishing some good habits (I see you walking away from those dirty dishes!), and avoiding accumulating unnecessary items (no, you don't need another Starbucks tumbler!).

Create decluttering deadlines

Like that uni assignment you pulled an all nighter on - deadlines are the ultimate motivation! Give yourself a couple a month so you don't relapse into having to climb over your giant pile of laundry to get to your giant pile of snacks. Having specific time frames will give you the up and go to keep your stuff in-check, so pop some alarms on your phone or put a sign up on your fridge so you will be forced to read it before grabbing your Ben and Jerry's.

We can do hard things

Look, at the end of the day are you going to be feeling super motivated to declutter your spaces consistently? They'll be times when you've downed too much coffee and you'll be vibrating around the house doing a Mary Poppins and then they'll be other times when you've congratulated yourself for moving from the bed to the couch. It's about balance and it will never be perfect. That being said, just a spoon full of sugar (and discipline) helps the medicine (or clutter) go down. A few basics include making your bed in the morning (cue your smugness), doing the dishes in the evening (because waking up to a greasy air fryer is like a cold slap in the face), and doing a quick sweep of the living area in the evenings (hot tip - get your kids to do this for you by bribing them with the chocolate you ate the night before).

Do you need a little more help with storage solutions to help you declutter your madhouse? I've got you! Jump over to my blog post about the best storage solutions (which also look good!), leave a comment below or email me and I'll happily walk away from my truck-size pile of laundry to help you with your clutter conundrum.

In the meantime, remember to feed your Tamagotchi!

Kate x

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