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Marimekko review: beautiful storage solutions

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Excuse me a moment while I pick my jaw up from the ground after perusing the website of Finnish lifestyle design company Marimekko. I could barely contain myself as I scrolled through their product lines and am now seriously considering selling my husband and indoor plant collection so I can buy EVERYTHING!

Finland is apparently ranked one of the happiest places on earth and now I know why. It's home to saunas, the Northern Lights, Santa Claus and most importantly - Marimekko. Founded in 1951 and renowned for its original prints and colours, Marimekko offers up a delicious platter of clothing, homewares and textiles.

And, while I could write about this whimsical brand for the rest of my days (their dresses alone!) - we are going to focus on beautiful storage solutions by Marimekko.

Finnish finesse at its best

If you're looking for original designer storage solutions that will elevate your space (and your social status because hello Finnish design daaarling) - congrats, you've found the mother load. And as a bonus, we'll cover off a few pieces which are not so much storage but storage adjacent because Iike that Whittakers chocolate bar I devoured in one sitting - I really can't help myself!

Trays for days

Tiiliskivi plywood tray ($52 AUD): My affinity for trays knows no bounds (confirmed by my husband's bafflement every time I bring another one into our home). They are one part practical (think your hand wash, soap, stacks of books, serving platter) and one part aesthetically pleasing (think flowers, books, candles). Cue the Tiilskivi plywood tray (20 x 20cm) - made of laminated birch plywood, this lightweight tray features the renowned Tiiliskivi brick print, with the reverse side a natural plywood colour. The green and pink combination is positively dreamy!

Round Fokus tray ($120 AUD): I did you warn you about my enthusiasm for trays and for good reason! Made of laminated birch plywood, this large round lightweight tray has the black and white Fokus pattern and is a heavyweight in the tray department in terms of versatility - think a serving tray, a coffee table accessory, a cheese and platter extraordinaire. The tray measures 46 cm in diameter.

Seireeni Plywood tray ($87 AUD): This small, oval-shaped tray is made of laminated birch plywood, and it features the Seireeni pattern. The reverse side of the tray is of a natural plywood colour. Named after the mythological sirens, the pattern also recalls the enchanting singing that lured sailors into dangerous waters or me into the nearest gin and tonic distillery.

Suns out, jars out

Oiva / Tiiliskivi jar ($87 AUD): The tall Tiiliskivi pattern jar is made of white stoneware and your hopes and dreams. I just can't get enough of the Tiiliskivi brick print! Store your coffee, teabags or the secret stash of chocolate you hide from your family. Oiva is 17cm high, 12cm in diameter and has a capacity of 1.2 liters.

Oiva / Tiiliskivi jar ($68 AUS): The little sister of the bigger Tiilskivi jar! Just don't steal her tea bags and you'll have a friend for life.

Seireeni jar ($87 AUD): Named after the mythological sirens, the Seireeni pattern is inspired by the enchanting singing that lured sailors into dangerous waters. Not unlike a public swimming pool over the school holidays. Seireeni is 17cm high, 12cm in diameter and has a capacity of 1.2 litres.

Honorable mentions

Oliva / Tiiliskivi coffee press ($195 AUD): Morning coffees just got a whole lot more fabulous! This coffee press features the Tiiliskivi pattern and it is made of brown stoneware, which is dishwasher proof. The coffee press has a metal filter inside and it makes about six cups of coffee - so just enough to get you through the mornings during school holidays. The lid has a wooden knob (hmm...I call my husband similar things some days). The Tiiliskivi (brick) print was designed by Marimekko's founder Armi Ratia and reflects her belief in the simple beauty of everyday life. Did I mention she also comes in a light forest green colour? Enjoy being spoilt for choice alongside a cup of coffee press perfection!

Oiva / Unikko drinking bottle ($65 AUD): Farewell humble Kmart water bottle and hello Unikko pattern drinking bottle! Guaranteed to attract attention when you plonk it on your work desk, Unikko has a removable cork sleeve and a bamboo cork featuring the Marimekko logo. Designer Maija Isola wanted to create something interesting and fun (not unlike me attempting to bake a two-tiered birthday cake for my son only to have it collapse, leading to my collapse). The now iconic flower pattern represents creativity, which is what my cake should have delivered, but instead was barely left standing with chocolate fingers and an excessive amount of icing. Dimensions for this lovely lady: 7cm x 20cm.

Sukat makkaralla pitcher ($109 AUD): The Sukat Makkaralla pitcher is made of clear mouth blown glass. Consider me blown! For those minds that didn't go straight to the gutter on that one - the Sukat Makkaralla (Socks Rolled Down) series was designed to bring joy to the dinner table with its playful and unique shape that is like a sock leg, which has carelessly slumped down. At least it's not like those ankle socks which run off your heel the moment you start walking, ruining your day. Sukat has a height of 23cm, diameter of 9cm and can hold 1 litre of your favourite long island ice tea you'll regret in the morning.

Oiva serving plate ($105 AUD): Looking for a pop of colour to serve up the veggies your kids won't eat? The Oiva serving dish is the cooking companion you've always wanted. She has a yellow coloured glaze and is dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer safe white stoneware. The gift that will keep giving for decades to come, Oiva is 23 x 32 cm.

Flower vase ($85 AUD): The small Flower vase is made of light pink mouth-blown glass and I just can't even with its colour, curves and craftsmanship. Swoon! I'll take the lot!

Räsymatto kitchen textile set ($138 AUS): This cotton apron and oven mittens would actually make me want to attempt baking or at least wear it around and pretend to. The set is packed in a Marimekko Logo gift box so when your partner misses the 165 hints you've given them, you can just buy it yourself. A little gift from you to you.

Puteli candle holder ($109 AUD): The Puteli candle holder is a design dream in one. You've got mouth-blown glass, a brushed brass metal top and a curvy glass bottom. Light a candle in the Puteli and wait for your guests to compliment you on your candle holder game.

A fan for life

Marimekko had me at hello...or at their Puteli candle holder. Between the beautiful craftsmanship and design, punchy patterns and quintessential Finnish quality - I will now and forever be a loyal fan of Marimekko.

Do you have a question about the Marimekko brand and all their fabulousness? Don't be shy! I'll just be over here in my Pieni Tiiliskivi apron pretending to know the difference between baking soda and baking powder.

Until next time - hei hei! That's bye bye in Finnish!

Kate xx


*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you and I may earn a small commission.

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