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Nood review: the best home storage options

This post goes out to all the Noodists out there.

Having graced us with its presence since 2007 - the fabulous furniture and homewares store Nood actually stands for 'New Objects of Desire' and boy oh boy, does the name ring true! I consider myself something of a Nood aficionado and I can only say this because my car seems to drive me to the store most weekends for a little lookie loo at their latest storage products. I can attest to the sales team being extremely friendly and patient as I wonder around the store 31 times sitting, opening, spinning, pulling and talking to myself in what I can only imagine is a form of storage furniture tongues. There's a lot of "ohhhhs...ahhhhs...wooooow" often followed by a chair being moved across the store.

When it comes to stylish storage that actually has an accessible price point - Nood will be your best friend forever. They'll put a smile on your face, be a cabinet to cry on and a safe space to unload all your worries (and belongings).

The skinny on Nood storage

Slap on some SPF and your wide brim hat and let's take a dip in the Noodist pool of stylish storage and furniture.

Mobi Media Unit - Oak ($2399, Member's Price $1199.50): like so many women in my life, she's a modern queen who packs a lot in. The Mobi Media Unit boasts a sleek and minimalist look, with clean lines and a warm oak finish. Hello elegant! She's also a multi-tasking marvel with two spacious open shelves - perfect for that 'Friends' DVD box set you refuse to bin. Don't be fooled by her beauty and simplicity - Mobi can accommodate the gaming kit your partner hid from you for the first six months of your relationship. She can pack a space saving punch and includes a sliding drawer that offers discreet storage for the things you want to keep out of sight and mind (I'm looking at you Blu-ray discs). Mobi boasts a width of 160cm, a depth of 45cm and height of 48cm and just like Moby the artist - this product will never go out of style.

Nood's Mobi media unit in oak with lots of hidden storage

Mobi Sideboard - Oak ($3399, Member's Price $1699.50): you guys! Mobi has an older sister and we all want to be like her! Introducing the Mobi Sideboard Unit. Like a typical older sister, this stylish sideboard is reliable and dependable. She stands tall, commands attention, and brings a sense of style to any space - just don't nick any of her clothes and you'll have a friend for life. With adjustable shelves and soft closing drawers, you have oodles of room for board games, forgotten gadgets which will most certainly reflect your age and all of the miscellaneous items including a janitor-size load of mystery keys. It also offers a gorgeous surface to showcase your individual taste - think ceramics, books, flowers, but for the love of all things pretty, if your partner comes anywhere near our girl Mobi with any collectible Lego displays, you have my permission to banish him to the garage to think about what he's done. Mobi's dimensions include a width of160cm, depth of 45cm and height of 73cm. Trust me when I say this sideboard won't be sidelined anytime soon!

Nood's Mobi in the larger sideboard size with even more space to store and hide your belongings

Karla Sideboard - Walnut ($3199, Member's Price $1599.50): Another sassy sideboard! Her name is Karla and I can't even with her beautiful walnut features and scrumptious curves. I'd like to come back as Karla the sideboard table and just exist in design perfection. The beautiful thing about these kinds of pieces is their presence alone commands attention. I will bet your bottom dollar if you have one of these darlings in your house, folks will start making some noise about it. She's just one classy mid-century lass. And let's not forget about the storage! I feel like the only objects that should go into Karla is a cocktail shaker set, some vodka, whiskey and a man in a tuxedo who pops out and asks "What will it be ma'am?" Karla's dimensions are 180cm in width, 45cm depth and 65cm in height.

Nood's Karla sideboard in walnut combines mid-century class with so much hidden storage

Ivy Locker Range ($599, Member's Price $299.50): I have a particular affinity for these little beauties as I currently have the Ivy Locker tall slate in my living room. It’s a literal storage lifesaver for all our stuff – my son’s backpack, keys, at least 150 pieces of his artwork, an overcrowded art caddy, sunglasses, expired gift cards, bills you want to ignore – you name it! And my favourite part? When you close the door and all that’s left is a beautiful piece of pastel metal looking back at you.

Nood's Ivy locker, tall, in slade colour

Ivy Locker Single ($299, Member's Price $149.50): say hello to this adorable pint size locker. My seven-year-old son actually has one of these as his bedside table and it works an absolute treat, as he can hide all his ‘treasures’ (a stack of Minecraft cards, some rocks and a pamphlet on consented fishing spots in the South Island). It’s also magnetic which means everything on our fridge is now on his locker including our ‘walk away fatty’ magnet.

Nood's Ivy locker, single, in slade colour makes a great bedside table come storage unit

Ivy Locker 3-door ($599, Member's Price $299.50): give a standing ovation to this little slice of locker storage heaven! She’s the popular girl in high school and we all want to be friends with her. Play your cards right and you’ll be besties before you know it and like any good gal pal – all your secrets (and your Sex and the City box sets) will be safe with her. Seriously though, she’s got room for days boasting a width of 120cm, depth of 40cm and height of 59.5cm. She has three doors you can pick from and two holes for cables should you want to dust off your DVD player and crack open your box sets. On a side note – I’m old.

Nood's 3 door Ivy locker, in thyme colour, has holes for cables in the back

And the storage Oscars go to...

Let's give a standing ovation to the clever folks behind Nood. They really do offer such a gorgeous range of aesthetically pleasing and practical storage and furniture. Not to mention their stunning home decor which is also near and dear to my heart.

If you fancy dipping your toes into the Noodist lifestyle - you're in luck! They have an online store and several physical stores located up and down New Zealand. Their friendly customer service really is second-to-none and I can speak from personal experience having re-arranged their store more than once so I could visualize a lewk. So off you go! Get yourself onto their website or into a store and see what the Noodist lifestyle is all about.

Happy Nooding folks! Kate x


Images: all images used with permission from Nood.

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