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Small kitchen storage solutions

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

What do they say? The smaller the kitchen, the bigger the pot? However it goes, I'm here to shout it from the rooftops (or from my deck in my bathrobe) that bigger is not always better when it comes to your kitchen! In fact, it's the perfect excuse to do away with any excess and run a lean but efficient kitchen machine (omg who am I? Gordon Ramsey?!). From pint size to iddy biddy kitchen spaces, I can guarantee there's a small kitchen storage solution for you, and as a fellow small kitchen gal myself - I'm something of an expert on the matter (#humblebrag).

White small kitchen with exposed painted brick and light wooden countertops

The kitchen is the heart of the home (even when it's small)

Ever noticed when you're cooking up a storm folks naturally gravitate towards the kitchen? No, it's not the delicious brownies you're baking (okay it is), but it's also a place of connection. No matter big or small - your kitchen really is the heart of the home, so why not make the experience an enjoyable one?

This brings me to my next point - your kitchen user experience. I can guarantee there at least three areas in your petite cookhouse you find irksome. It's usually a combination of clutter, lack of bench space and overall kitchen real estate. Don't despair! We'll make a stunningly small kitchen king/queen out of you yet!

Small kitchen storage solutions

With the help of some clever storage solutions blitzing the market right now, we can turn your kitchen from a pokey hole in the wall to a bundle of compact cooking cuteness!

Pegboard - don't underestimate the power of the pegboard! It's the ultimate vertical flex space and you can hang pretty much anything and everything on this wee gem. From pots and pans to mugs and chopping boards. Madam Peggy is a master space saver! Hot tip - if you've got a case of exhausted mummy who is touched out by children, hang them up on your board as well!

Turn your back splash into storage - if you've got the real estate on your back splash, hook yourself up with a rail to hang your kitchen stuff off! You'll never lose your spatula again (or if you're like me - you'll find it underneath your son's pillow in what I can only imagine was a sleep walking episode or a strong statement about my cooking). Now, typically rails will require some drilling, however if the idea of going at your tiles with a rotating piece of steel sends actual shivers down your spine, then Command hooks work a treat as well.

Kitchen benchtop with glass backsplash and a narrow shelf for added storage

Rolling trolleys - make way! The kitchen trolley has arrived and she's taking names. Also known as kitchen island or cart, this wee hotshot will help with most of your larger storage woes. Think pots, pans, chopping boards, cook books, soda streams, your husband when he's annoying you. The list goes on! Need some more space in your kitchen? Easy! Just roll her to a neighbouring room. Even better, throw a cute vase with some flowers on top and voila - a cute side table.

Drawers in your cabinets - if you're literally crawling into your cabinets to find the hoisin sauce and you find yourself in Narnia - you've gone too far. Consider me your cabinet interventionist. It's time to get some law and order in those cavities! Get yourself some nifty wire drawers so everything is in site and you don't have to perform a contortionist maneuver to get to the dang cous cous! Bonus tip - you don't need to install drawers! There are plenty of mobile drawers in varying tiers so you don't end up in tears.

Green wire drawers inside a kitchen drawer

Risers in cabinets or on your kitchen bench - more taking advantage of empty vertical space. These wee fellas really do rise to the occasion (I couldn't help myself). Stackable risers are super duper handy. You can use as little or as many as you like. Even just one riser on a kitchen bench can make way for a pot or pan to sit underneath, while a bundle of glass canisters sit on top like the cats (or canisters) that got the cream.

Hanging pot rack - if it's good enough for five-star Michelin restaurants, it's good enough for your cosy kitchen! A few ground rules include giving it a test run height-wise, weight-wise and general common sense-wise or if you're only 38 years old like me - get a grown adult to install it for you.

Copper pots hanging on nails on a white kitchen wall

Magnetic spice racks - stick it on your fridge or any metal surface and you'll save yourself many tantrums over where the actual fudge you put your oregano.

Magnetic hooks for your fridge - turn your fridge into a storage wall. Think tea towels, measuring cups, oven mitts and if you've spent hours making food your kids don't eat - you can hang your last nerve up there too.

Shelving - big and small! Pop them up in any vacant vertical spaces. The fabulous thing about shelving is not only are they ridiculously practical, but you can also make them look amazing. Elevate the leewwk by including some cookbooks, ceramics, plants or art mixed in among your mugs and plates.

Hanging white shelves with black metal sides against a white washed brick kitchen wall

If you can't handle the heat...

Then get out of my beautiful and petite kitchen! Just kidding, pull up a stool and stay a while! Small kitchens don't have to be a bugbear - in fact I can bet my bottom dollar if you make a few changes and apply some of the small kitchen wizardry mentioned above, your mates will gasp and wish they had your kitchen artistry.

If you're still having some trouble with your little kitchen that could, leave a comment below and I'll stop drilling holes in my tiles to help. In the meantime, remember to always kiss the cook!

Happy small kitchening folks.

Kate xx

Images: all licensed images are courtesy of Shutterstock.

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