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Stylish storage baskets

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Did someone say stylish and storage in the same sentence? You better believe it! If you're suffering from a case of ugly storage in your household - help is on the way dear! In today's post, we'll be covering everything stylish storage baskets with an emphasis on stylish. And don't worry if your attempt at basket wizardry hasn't gone to plan to date. That's what the Messy Minimalists are here for and as Bob the Builder would say "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"

Getting back to the basket basics

Storage baskets in your home are kind of like what chips are to dip; one can work without the other, but it's not recommended. If your home is giving more chaos over order, it's time to go back to the basics and with the basics comes baskets!

Let's start with factoid number one - baskets don't have to be ugly. In fact, they can be an incredibly versatile interior design piece which can not only hide your Crocs addiction, but can actually look pretty darn good. They also solve the age-old problem of where one hides one's stuff. You don't have to have your life in impeccable Instagram-worthy order; the secret is you just pretend to by hiding it so when your pals drop in for Fri-yay drinkies, they'll wonder how you got so ahead in your life while they're still playing in the minor leagues where junk and bright pink Crocs prevail.

A place for everything and everything in its place

I feel like Mary Poppins should be saying this while flying in the air with her magic umbrella. Girlfriend Pops was a big fan of organising (and dancing on chimneys) and while I can't pluck stylish storage baskets out of my travel tote bag - I can point you in the right direction!

Recycled colour crates

Oh yea, I just dropped a crate bomb on you! Crates don't usually scream style, but trust me when I say they have evolved and now come in the most gorgeous colours. Think kids room, cupboards, your home office, your garage (if your other half hasn't taken over the space with Ryobi power tools and an old drum set when he went through his Foo Fighters stage) - anything goes with these creative little crates.

Four recycled colour crates, stacked, to be used as storage basket alternatives

Under the bed storage

Pretty, clean and lean (throwback to my twenties!). Seriously though, you know all the stuff you slide under your bed, only to forget about it for 45 years and when you duck your head under the bed to check for monsters before going to sleep, you re-discover your long-lost self-help book covered in layers of dust? Well no more! Say hello to these cute-as-pie storage baskets specifically made to slide under the bed. While you will most definitely still forget the items you store under your bed, at least they'll be dust and monster-free!

Pull out drawer under the bed to optimise storage in the bedroom

Stackable wood storage baskets for books

Because kids. Now you'll know exactly where the Where's Wally books are so you can squint your way through 20 pages of absolute chaos.

Woven baskets

I present to you, the woven basket. They're pretty, they're durable and they can hide all manner of sins. Pop them in your hallway to tidy up after your little rugrats. Pop them in your laundry for dirty clothes you'll ignore until the end of the week. Pop them under your coffee table for cushions, throws, magazines, and your husband's terrible Hawaiian shirt. Just keep popping! Cotton baskets also equally qualify in the stylish baskets category.

Woven basket with light fabric lining, to be used as storage for clothes and more


Not technically a basket, more basket adjacent. However, you can store baskets in them! Trolleys are so versatile - they can live in your bathroom for toiletries or rolled up towels, in the kitchen for your pots and pans, in the laundry for your detergents, and last but certainly not least - hello mobile booze trolley!

Metal trolley on wheels with glass shelves, used as a mobile bar

Collapsible laundry baskets

Oh heck yes! Anything to hide what is a constant reminder of the laundry piling up. They extend up and then compress down like me whenever I see a door-to-door sales person walking up the drive. These puppies come in different colours (insert the stylish part here) and you literally need 3-inch wide slot for storage.

Wall hanging baskets

Did you know they do crochet coloured hanging baskets? It's a bit of a wild card, I know, but flipping cute if you can make it work (think olive green, mustard yellow, navy blue). Practical to store your beanies, hats and scarfs but also something of a talking point when a knitting enthusiast walks through your door.

Woven storage basket hanging on a wall above table and chair

Wire baskets

Why hello there you sassy little wire basket! It's giving sleek, it's giving stylish, and it's giving practicality. A trifecta basket! From storing your potatoes to your office supplies - there really isn't anything this delightful basket can't do.

Hachiman storage buckets

I'm naming names and for good reason. Japanese Alps Hachiman has grown to become one of the most innovative Japanese producers of everyday objects and they are particularly talented at making buckets (still technically a basket but with a li

d). I just can't go past the design and colours of these products. They truly are in a league of their own - innovative, durable, and oh so stylish. They make me want to be a better person.

From basket case to basket queen

Congratulations, you are now well-versed in stylish storage baskets. I'm proud of you for coming this far! Basket basics are really the foundation of an organised home and the best part? They pack some storage punch and look amazing!

Do you need some more help with stylish storage for your home? Say no more! Leave me a comment below and I'll do my darnedest to help you with your basket bugaboo.

Until then, stay safe and remember to always have your mobile booze trolley at the ready!

Happy basket hunting!

Kate x

Images: licensed images courtesy of Canva and Pexels.

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