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The best home storage solutions (that also look good!)

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Ok hear me out - I know it may not be the sexiest topic in the world, but having the best home storage solutions can kinda be life changing! Yes, I hear you scoff and as a fellow scoffer myself, I know you're going to need some evidence to back such an outlandish statement. So pull up a chair (or a multipurpose stool...more on that later) and hear a recovering messy gal out.

Why is storage so important in the home?

Take a quick looksie around your room and you'll see all the things that hold your stuff. It's everywhere! But here's the guff - some is functional and some is erm...more 'shove one more Sistema container into an overcrowded drawer' kinda functional (also if anyone has found the actual lids to these containers - give me a holla. I assume they're where all the single socks go as well).

My point is, a few well-designed interior spaces with some snazzy and practical storage solutions will take the stress levels down because you'll actually be able to find your glasses, and let all the bodies in your household go about their day without a. having a menty b (mental breakdown for those who are not woke gen zers - of which I am very much in that category) and b. actually have you feeling pretty darn good and just a little smug as you walk out the door with your luke warm latte (because kids).

Coming up with a storage game plan

Built in shelving in a white brick wall, showing a well planned storage solution

It's all well and good banging on about how fabulous storage can be (which it tots is), but let's get stuck into the nitty gritty - where to start. Now, you don't have to overthink this too much or feel as though you have to go all dream home makeover to achieve some pretty nifty results. It's actually way easier than you think.

Pick a spot which gripes you the most

For example, let's say it's your linen cupboard which spits out fitted sheets every time you open it.

Empty that bad boy

Sometimes you gotta make more mess to make less mess. Make yourself a strong coffee and have at it. Arrange like items together i.e. sheets with sheets, pillowcases with pillowcases, cheese with get the picture.

Let's get physical... I mean visual.

By now, you'll probably already have something of a vision for the space (this doesn't need to be perfect). Just go back to the basics of what you're hoping to achieve. In this case - a functional linen cupboard which doesn't make you rage whenever you're trying to find a single fitted sheet. You could even envision some space in there for you to hide from your kids if you fancy.

Sort your stuff into two piles

The keep pile and the boot-out-the-door-don't-wanna-see-you-again pile for donating or the bin. Once you can visually see your keep pile, think about how you would like to store this.

Reload the space with your keep pile

And why not get fancy with some practical and pretty storage solutions to keep your fitted sheets in (because loooord help me I will never know how to fold these and yes, I've watched several reels on the gram but just end up smooshing it into a pile and hoofing it into a linen bag).

And voila! You have yourself a tidy little space. Give yourself a pat on the back or ring your mum and let her know how amazing you are. Now look - this doesn't need to all be done and dusted in a day. Do it in your own time and make sure your goals are achievable. That being said, I would highly recommend setting some deadlines for yourself because Netflix and chill will always win otherwise (leave suggestions for the best shows to watch over winter in the comments, please and thank yew).

Show me the storage!

I thought you'd never ask! Without further ado, here are the best storage solutions for your home (which also look good!).

Bathroom storage

Minimalist bathroom sink with storage and laundry baskets in front of a light blue wall

Storage baskets

I present the holy grail of storage! Woven or rattan baskets are not only visually pleasing, but they pack some punch when it comes to storing toilet paper, spare towels, wash cloths and spare items which don't have a home. I love storage baskets so much, they've got their own blog article.

Modular drawer organisers

These are fantastic for your 40-step skin routine. Place all your bits and bobs in these little guys so they are easy peasy for you to access in the morning and night. There are a gazillion size options and perfect if you've got shallow vanity drawers.

Clear storage bins

A no brainer. Easier for your kids to see what carnage they can do when they see your box of cotton buds and shaving cream.

A small table or step next to your bath

If you're like me, the last time I had an uninterrupted bath was 145 years ago. If you're lucky enough to have one, you're gonna want a cute little table or stool for your phone, chippies and that candle you have been meaning to light for 145 years.


I can feel my husband's eye roll from down the hall when I say I like to have trays for my overpriced hand wash. But some days you just feel a little boujee so if I want a tray for some pretty flowers and my 50 beauty essentials, a tray I will have dammit!


For your towels, that dry brush you used once, or whatever! I love the hooks which go over my glass bath door (no drilling required) because there's no way my husband was ever going to leave me unsupervised with a drill and drywall. No sir.

Stacked wire baskets

Just cause. They look cute as heck and are extremely functional to pop your toiletries and other bathroom-ey stuff in. Place them under your vanity and every time you open the door to get some loo paper, you'll smile because you have your life together.


There's always someone in the house who likes to drill stuff. Take advantage of this or just stand in your bathroom pressing down on the drill button and said drill enthusiast will come running - trust me. Shelves are an awesome way to make the most of your bathroom real estate. Not only are they super functional but you can also get your interior design on and make it look a lil bit luxe with some cute ceramics, framed art, flowers - whatever floats your boat. Now go and pick a spot and start knocking on the wall like you know what you're doing.

Living room storage

Living room with wooden floor and furniture in calming, neutral tones


Here she is again, our little basket that could. Honestly if you are a parent of children and don't have a basket/s in your living room, you deserve that Lego currently lodged in your foot. These little babies are just so darn good for just about anything - throws, pillows, magazines, your kid's artwork you pretend to like. Put some pants on and go get some immediately (preferably rattan or something with some texture and warmth because we still want to give cute and pretty not the sale rack at Basket Bargains R Us - that's not a real place but I would probably shop there to be fair).

Side tables

You probably have one hanging around so press pause on 'Love is Blind' and pop it next to your chair (disclaimer - I will not accept cardboard boxes or crates side table appropriate). If you don't happen to be blessed with one, I'm a little jelly because there are so many beautiful and functional options to pick from these days, so lucky you. Nesting tables are also a real winner in my books. Think of those little nesting dolls you played with as a kid and you'll get the picture quick smart.


I promise this is the last time you'll hear about baskets in this post! You know those charging cables, cords, phones, remotes, and headphones? Chuck 'em in a baby basket and pop them on your coffee table. You'll never have to question your partner again when he says he hasn't seen the remote.

Storage sofa / storage ottoman

Yea, they exist and it's where you can hide all your junk! Yay! Get among it and invest in one of these game changers. Think shoes, helmets, blankets, half-made Lego structures, building blocks, and snacks you want to hide from your kids. You will go from storage peasant to storage royalty and all your friends will be jealous that you're a genius and they are not.

Cube shelving or buffets

Not the all-you-can-eat kind you hungry little caterpillar. The ones where you can store your Uno and Kids Monopoly (if you haven't thrown it out of a window due to absolute boredom). If you're opting for the cube shelving, get some matchy matchy baskets and leave some cubes open for display items if that tickles your fancy. If buffets are more your thang, there are some amazing locker styles which come in many different colours to add some flair to your soon-to-be-envied living room.

Kitchen storage

White kitchen with a light wooden benchtop and lots of storage in cabinets and on shelves

Glass containers

They're hot to trot right now and the ultimate kitchen staple. Grab a bundle to start and try them out. It's actually uh-mazing how much easier it is to make your grocery list at the end of the week because you can see where your stock levels are for all your food essentials. Can I guarantee you will remember to pick up the cocoa and pasta at the grocery store? No. No I cannot. But when you get home, you'll see the empty container, get annoyed and then pop it on next week's to do list.

Divided clear fridge drawers

here's a theme in this post and it's all about transparency. Can you imagine if clear containers didn't exist and we had to actually deep dive into our pantry and fridge. The horror!

Under sink organiser

We all have our shame cupboards and this one is mine. It's usually got a combo of cat food, dish wash tabs, a few damp sponges and the rest is usually the 'I don't know where to put you so this will do' items. There are some gorgeous under sink organisers on the go right now. They will have you opening up your cupboard and smiling with glee because nobody should put baby (or dish wash liquid) in the corner.

Lazy susans

I've never actually met a lazy Susan. They're usually on the parent group committee or work as medical receptionists and like the kitchen appliance - they're always spinning.

Spice racks or drawer

Warning - the first time you pull out a drawer with your alphabeticalized spices in front of your friends, you will get feedback. That's because you're now a spice goddess and you know exactly where your cumin is.

Storage is the new black

Expect it's mostly clear - but you get where I'm going with this. Life balance starts at home folks and while storage ain't on the hottest 100 list of erm..anything, she has her place and can really help to simplify your life and your precious abodes.

Do you need some more advice about home storage solutions? You know I'm here for it, so pop your question in the comment section below and I'll peel myself off my couch, dust off the Doritos crumbs and bestow upon you my wisdom.

Happy storage hunting!

Kate xx

Images: all licensed images are courtesy of Shutterstock.

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