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Urban Sales review: the best Ikea home storage

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I don't want to be bitter about it (she says slurping her morning coffee with a case of resting bitter face), but some of us who are based at the end of the world (AKA New Zealand AKA the South Island of New Zealand) do not get to enjoy the perks of getting lost in IKEA. I genuinely miss unboxing products and spending the next ten hours trying to figure out the instructions before calling my mum for help because I needed adult supervision.

However - my post-coffee buzz has lifted my spirits and I'm here to make a public service announcement to those who have yet to discover online store and my personal savior - Urban Sales. This delightful online oasis carries genuine IKEA products imported from stores overseas and you can pre-order any products with Urban Sales not listed on their website #Ikeahackforkiwis

From storage and furniture to home decor and lighting - Urban Sales, like the back massager I never knew I needed, really is the gift that keeps giving. So enough dilly-dallying, let's get to it!

The best Ikea home storage

Kea Nordli Chest Of 8 Drawers,160x54cm ($945 NZ): With 8 drawers to pick from, now you have a place to hide all the courier packages from your husband. Nordli is the ultimate storage powerhouse and you can build her anyway you want!

You can use one modular chest of drawers or combine several to get a storage solution that perfectly suits your space and your shopping hoarding needs. You can even create your own personal design by mixing chests of different colours! Swoon! Nordli also features soft closing drawers, adjustable feet and a small drawer can hold about five pairs of folded trousers, ten t-shirts or one child.

Ikea Malm Chest of 6 Drawers,160cmx78cm ($769): Well hello there you dark horse. This beaut could appear in your hallway, bedroom, living basically anywhere!

Malm is a black and brown colour combination - so it will pop with any light paint colour. I'm seeing a round mirror on top, flowers in a cute vase, a few of your decor faves, a lamp and let's not forget the keys, wallet and coins your husband will dump on there the moment he gets home. Smooth-running drawers and in a choice of finishes (there's one in white!) - each Malm drawer can hold about 15 pairs of folded trousers, 30 T-shirts or as my 7-year old son just put it - 15 packets of marshmallows.

Ikea Pinnig Coat Rack with Shoe Storage Bench ($319 NZ): A place to hang your hat! And the muddy shoes you repeatedly trip over. She's giving sleek and stylish and the pop of black brings it all to life. Not only is this piece as practical as my accountant, it's the feature item you never knew you needed. If you want to take it up a notch in the front entrance department - I wouldn't hesitate to use this as my anchor item (focal point) and build-on from there. If you're feeling Red Bull energised, throw on your painting overalls and give your space a fresh lick of paint with a feature colour (hello sage green is the moment right now) which will make your rack POP ( rack does that too). Speaking of popping - pop a few rattan baskets into the shoe area for your keys and sunglasses, and some brown hues in the form of a tote bag or large sunhat you've worn once and you're off, off and away! Will it always look like an effortless piece of styling at all times? Let's be honest - your kid's Minecraft bag might throw it off a tad, but when you need it to count you can remove all evidence people actually live in your house.

Ikea Besta Storage Sideboard, 180x40x74cm ($759NZ): Sideboards in homes are what biscuits are to tea. You could do one without the other, but it just feels better when they're combined. This little lady is the perfect home storage staple.

She comes in neutral white so you can pizzazz with accessories until your heart is content. I'm envisaging green plants, stacks of posh books you won't read, ceramic bowls and some artwork behind to really make Besta shine. On the inside think your miscellaneous bits and bobs, games and your fancy serving dishes for when the in-laws come to visit. She also comes with some user-friendly features including adjustable shelves, silent closing doors and a push-open function. Right, I'll be back after I rummage the pantry for some choccy biscuits to go with my tea.

Ikea Alexa Drawer Grey-turquoise, 36x70cm ($249 NZ): The colour had me at hello. There's something about a grey-turquoise combination (which is kind of in the sage family?) that just makes me use all my smiley muscles.

Putting the colour aside for just a moment - it gets a big ol' thumbs up in the storage department. Like a bra to my bewbs, it can support a desk and unlike my bewbs without a bra - it can also standalone. I actually love this option as a cute corner nook piece. Pop a vase with some fresh green flowers on top and you have yourself a stylish and practical option fit for all purposes. Look at you go you sassy storage stylist! Psst...she also comes in white.

Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet with 4 Compartments,107x22x101cm ($449 NZ): What has two legs and makes a helluva statement when you first see it? While I'd like to say it was me on a good day (showered and with pants on), but it's actually the oh so popular Hemnes Shoe Cabinet. I've seen this wee number do the rounds online because of the wonders it works with compact hallways.

If seeing shoes dumped at the front entrance makes your left eye twitch, then this is the storage solution for you - particularly if you have a teeny weeny hallway. This two-legged babe will also offer some design flair to your front entrance or hallway (particularly if it's small and lacks light). I'll say it once and I'll say it twice - get yourself a vase, some flowers and a few of your fav decor items to complete the leeewk. Oh, and if you've still got those overalls on - I've seen several painted versions of Hemnes online. The possibilities with this adorable number!

Ikea Hemnes Chest of 8 Drawers,160x96cm ($1169 NZ): Toot, toot! We're on the Hemnes train and there's no stopping us! If you want to keep some consistency in your styling throughout your Ikea-loving abode, then girlfriend better get herself the Hemnes Chest of 8 Drawers.

She's giving French Country and I'm here for it. Can you imagine some candles, a dragonfly jug with flowers and an antique lamp to light her up in the evening? Now all we have to do is wait for Mr Darcy to walk through the door.

Ikea Kullen Chest of 5 Drawers, 70x112cm ($229 NZ): She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner (thank you, Tom Jones). Introducing the Kullen - a clean, simple chest of drawers you can style anywhere in the house. I'd personally use this in my bedroom or living room and with five drawers, you can adios your kid's artwork as quick as a soft closing drawer.

Ikea Nissafors Trolley, 50.5x30,83cm ($89 NZ): Your girl's a big fan of trolleys. Think tea and coffee cart, art caddy storage, bathroom storage, and my personal favourite - mobile booze trolley! Margarita anyone?

Ikea Bengthakan Stool ($115 NZ): I know this isn't storage per se, but I have no willpower when it comes to stools. They are just so dang versatile! There's the undeniable practicality of them to access places clearly not designed for women folk, and when you're not climbing into your roof cavity, they can be used as a coffee table, spare chair at the dining table, or just a little place to put some favourite books or decor on display. And hey - it beats climbing on whatever questionable apparatus I've randomly selected to get to the cupboard where our luggage is stored, only to have it fall on my face, and blaming my husband who isn't even home.

Ikea Lixhult Cabinet Combination, 120x35x57cm ($229 NZ): Well this is a bit fun and fabulous. You're essentially getting two cabinets in one with this cleverly crafted design, and you get to pick how you'd like it to combine them. For example - you can place them next to each other to make a longer cabinet or stack them on top of each other to make a taller cabinet. Like me trying to stand after one too many gin and tonics under my belt - the use of legs are optional.

Ikea Billy Bookcase, 240x106x28cm ($415 NZ): According to Ikea, it's estimated that every five seconds, one Billy bookcase is sold in the world. While I don't feel like I've read an actual book in 145 years - I would still totes buy this bookcase a) because it's a style which never goes out of fashion daaaling and b) you can pretend you read books instead of lying starfish on the couch binge watching Succession every night. I also love that Billy is quite a low bookcase - perfect for underneath windows or if you'd like to still have room some artwork above. Now go on! You must have a Danielle Steel book lying around somewhere!

Ikea and Urban Sales: a love story

Affordable Swedish design never looked so good and thanks to Urban Sales - even the folks 'Down Under' can enjoy these iconic, timeless pieces. And, who cares if you have to occasionally perform some furniture origami, we all know it's totally worth the tantrums, threat of divorce and 15 phone calls to your mum.

Now admittedly, I may have over promised and undelivered on this review because there are SO many more pieces I'm swooning over and we've really just scratched the surface - so let's just call this part-one, shall we?

Do you have any burning questions over the Ikea items reviewed in today's blog? You know I'm here for it! Leave me a comment and I'll put my Danielle Steel down just for you.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't leave you with one last comment relating to our friends at Ikea - some assembly is required.

Until part-two friends!

Kate x


Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you and I may earn a small commission.

Images: All licensed images are courtesy via affiliate marketing programs or directly through the organisation selling products/s with their approval.

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