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Locker storage solutions

This post will give a whole new meaning to locker room talk. Don't worry, there will be no boastful jocks or beer bongs in site. Instead, we'll be covering everything locker storage solutions. For a couple of decades the humble locker was victim to pimply teenagers who used them as punching bags and crying cubbies, but this is a true ugly duckling to swan transformation! Lockers are now not only ridiculously practical for your home, but they can look positively stunning. So enough dilly-dallying! Let's get lockering!

Unlocking the best lockers for your home

Lockers are one of the hottest and versatile storage solutions on the market and the colours - oh the colours they come in are enough to make a grown woman weep. Think muted tones, pops of primary colours and neutral options - whatever tickles your pickle. So like the padlock combination you used in high school, let's give it a little wiggle and open the locker of your dreams!

The locker lowdown

Slap on some stretchy pants, grab your cheese and crackers and get comfortable - we're heading to locker land! Without further delay, I present to you the most practical and stylish storage locker solutions.

Lowdown locker in Olive by Mustard Made - give a standing ovation to this little slice of olive green heaven! She's the popular girl in high school and we all want to be friends with her. Play your cards right and you'll be besties before you know it and like any good gal pal - all your secrets (and your Sex and the City box sets) will be safe with her. Seriously though, she's got room for days boasting a height of 72cm; a width of 100cm and depth of 40cm. She also has an adjustable shelf, two handy hooks and a hole for cables should you want to dust off your DVD player and crack open your box sets. On a side note - I'm old.

Twinny locker in Lilac by Mustard Made - have I died and gone to locker heaven? Have you ever seen such a majestic locker unicorn in your life? If I saw this in your home I'd do an Ocean's 11 and hire a team of professional thieves to Houdini their way back into your home and steal her majesty in the dead of night. You have been warned. Too fem for your liking? Don't worry your pretty little head - they come in an array of different colours including mustard, slate, blush, sage and ocean. The website says she's a bulky item sporting a height of 183cm, width of 85cm and depth of 50cm, but I prefer to call her a voluminous locker goddess.

Shorty lockers by Mustard Made - say hello to this adorable pint size locker. My seven year old son actually has one of these as his bedside table and it works an absolute treat, particularly because it has a lock and key so he can hide all his 'treasures' (a stack of Minecraft cards, some rocks and a pamphlet on consented fishing spots in the South Island, despite never having actually fished). It's also magnetic which means everything on our fridge is now on his locker including our 'walk away fatty' magnet.

Gertrude contemporary metal locker by Good - Gertrude AKA Gerty. I once saw someone wearing a badge saying 'nobody is perfect but if your name is Gertrude, you're pretty damn close'. And if that doesn't sum up old Gerty to a tee. There's a lot to love about this stylish storage number - the mesh cupboards means you can display your cute linen, ceramics, books, baskets, and finally a home for your crown lynn dinner plates you never use but got for a bargain off Marketplace.

Gerty's dimensions are 102cm in height; 80cm in width and 40cm in diameter. The shelves are also adjustable so you can always crawl in there and take a break from adulting for a while.

Marvin contemporary metal locker by Good - you guuuuys, Gerty has a little brother and his name is Marvin! What a delightful little locker family. Like many little brothers, Marvin is smaller and can fit into awkward spaces. He also has mesh cupboards and would make such a dapper TV console, bedside table, or office storage. There really isn't anywhere little Marvin can't be in the house (except big sis Gerty's room - enter at your own risk!).

3-tier column storage organizer from Urban Sales - she's the cool cousin in the locker family and you want her at your party. This 3-tier column storage organizer is a little twist on your traditional metal storage locker, but the premise is the same - it looks fabulous in any space, is practical as punch, and comes in the most gorgeous muted colours (think mustard yellows, dusty pinks, sage green). Get out of my way, I'm taking the lot!

Ivy locker by Nood - I have a particular affinity for this little beauty as I currently have one in my living room. It's a literal storage lifesaver for all our stuff - my son's backpack, keys, at least 150 pieces of Beau's artwork, an overcrowded art caddy, sunglasses, expired gift cards, bills you want to ignore - you name it! And my favourite part? When you close the door and all that's left is a beautiful piece of pastel metal looking back at you.

Lock it in Eddie!

If you're not from Australia or New Zealand, that reference may pass you by. But you know what won't? Your new stylish storage locker, because you're a storage trailblazer who doesn't have time to dawdle through life without at least one of these beauts in your space.

Not sure if you're ready to take the metal locker plunge for your storage woes? I've got you! Just leave a comment or question below and I'll take a break from gazing lovingly at my locker so I can help set you up with yours.

Yours in the messy life,

Kate x

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you and I may earn a small commission.

Images: All licensed images are courtesy via affiliate marketing programs or directly through the organisation selling products/s with their approval.

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