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A wooden console with a white lamp, retro speaker in a cream colour. A wooden model hand, dried flowers in a small, tall clear glass face are in the middle of the image. A brown, smokey coloured vase that is circular at the bottom and straight at the top. A small cream bowl with a lid is on the right hand side of the console.

Product Reviews

A pretty darn fun part of my job is finding products to suit your storage and interior design needs. This means I throw on my granny togs and take a deep dive into brands and products I think are worthy of a review. Rest assured - I would only recommend products I would use myself (cue 50 tabs open with carts filled to the brim and a very nervous husband). So go on! Take a look around and get to know some some of my recommended brands and products guaranteed to elevate your personal style and solve a few storage problems along the way.

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