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The best wire furniture and storage - Ico Traders

Charming, elegant and playful - welcome to the world of wire artistry and wonder by New Zealand business Ico Traders. The brain child of founder, designer and director Miranda Osborne, Ico Traders was born in 2012 and, like the steel they use to make their creations, has gone from strength to strength.

Deeply routed in sustainability and environmental change, their products are thoughtfully curated from conception to fruition, leaving us with timeless, high quality indoor and outdoor furniture and homewares - quintessential to all things Kiwi lifestyle (up there with the hot chip sandwich).

Getting down to the wire

It's with great pleasure (and probably too much personal time putting items into carts), that I present some of my most favourite and functional Ico Traders furniture and homewares.

Bantay Nesting Tables: Like traditional nesting tables - only 100 times better! This swirly masterpiece consists of two separate tables with each sitting inside the other when not in use - perfect for smaller spaces. Throw out the rulebook with this curvy creation because you are the master of how they are placed. There is no upside, downside or back to front (kind of like me when I put my gym gear on in the dark).

Willowby Cube: Talk about cuteness cubed. Willowby just works. Think side table with a magazine rack, bedside table, footstool, an extra seat or even use them as multiples to create a larger coffee table. Like all the Ico Trader products, a range of colour options are available along with custom colouring. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better - they went and gave Willowby a hard hat with a solid oak top as an option.

Beaumont Stool: It's the little stool that could (and did!). Use them as little seats around a table, as a side table and extra chair. And the cherry on top? You can custom colour them. Get out of my way - I'm taking the lot!

Benmore Bench Seat: MVP - hands down! Benmore fits most tables and is wide enough to sit at the end of a bed. Use it as a statement piece in your entranceway or on your deck. The additional design feature of a moveable solid metal plate creates a stable home for your end-of-day gin and tonic. I wouldn't sit on this one - they are a popular choice!

Fruit Bowl: When life gives you lemons, put them in this fruit bowl! I just love the playfulness of this design - the inner bowl makes it look like your fruit is floating which is just fun. Bonus - it also doubles as a plant holder and comes in so many beautiful colour options I may just become a fruitarian.

All day tray: It's serving effortlessly chic and I'm here for it. Think snacks, morning tea, lunchtime, TGIF drinks - there really isn't anything this hard-working slab of beautiful steel can't do.

Mahoe Stand (Mid): Why hello there you piece of petite perfection. The Mahoe Stand is a space saving saviour with incredible versatility. Use it to display your plant babies, as a bedside table or as extra shelving in the kitchen or bathroom. Wherever you put her, she'll stand tall.

Wired differently

If I had a chair to fall off, it would have to be one of their handcrafted wired chairs, because this Christchurch-based furniture and homewares company has left me positively floored. It's clear their products have been designed and hand-crafted with intention and heart - where simplicity meets purpose. What a delight it's been to review their beautiful furniture and homewares of which I'm certain will stand the test of time and help make the world a better place.

Do you have any questions about the products above? Reach out directly to to Ico Traders ( or leave a comment below and I'll peel myself off the Benmore Bench Seat or better yet - could you bring it to me on the all day tray?

Yours in the messy life,

Kate x

Images: all images used with permission from Ico Traders.

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